94 and still knitting

This week at the Norfolk Makers’ Festival in the Forum at Norwich, I encountered 94 year old Margaret Seaman who knits – but not pullovers or scarves – instead scenes – like Great… Continue reading

Down to the sea in a whoosh

As my great grandfather was a lifeboat man I have always had an interest in the work of the RNLI and it was good to have an opportunity to watch the Cromer boats… Continue reading

Exercises from my homework

If the truth is known, I don’t always like the pictures I produce, especially the arty ones. I know lots of people who produce stunning images with multiple exposures – their work is… Continue reading

Rails, steps and going up

I had this criticism towards the end of last year – only a mild one I assure you, that most of my photographs were on the level! Not looking up or down. There… Continue reading

You let this man loose in a studio?!

That’s right – twice! Most places ban me on the first time of asking, but these kind people allowed me to come back. It is important to talk to a model – just… Continue reading

In Search of Spring

They hide you know! Those flower things! Finding them can be quite difficult. On a brief inspection the garden still looks what I would call winter drab. There are still some Autumn leaves… Continue reading


There was this lake you see. It all looked very tranquil – indeed it was located in rather a fashionable garden centre (although I suppose every garden centre regards itself as fashionable!) Even… Continue reading

Frost and Sunshine

The weather has been a real mixture this week with hard frosts and bright sunshine. At last we seem to have lost the cold (providing you accept that 6 degrees isn’t really cold)… Continue reading

Where do the wooden boats go?

It is winter on the Norfolk Broads. All the pleasure cruisers have disappeared. It is quiet, a bit cold and, despite the watery sunshine, somewhat bleak and gloomy. These are typical January photographs… Continue reading

I think it is called an academic exercise

Challenge – see if you can photograph an apple 12 different ways! That sounded a decent challenge, especially in that slow period just after Christmas when one is feeling a bit down in… Continue reading