Getting the sailing season under way

Good friends emerge for a new season of sailing on Barton Broad. Some trying hard to remember which boat they used last year Always there are concerns – is it really the same… Continue reading

Pilgrimage to a Norfolk Village

If you have never visited the National Pilgrimage at Walsingham you ought to do so. It is Anglo Catholicism at its most … er …spectacular. The outfits (for outfits read vestments) are unbelievably… Continue reading

Better Late Than Never

My apologies to those who were expecting this blog last Friday, I had a technical problem with some pictures and had to substitute the topic about the tulip fields. All is now restored… Continue reading

Not normal for Norfolk

Driving along the A148 towards Kings Lynn, just through the village of Hillington, I was suddenly aware of great splashes of colour in a field to the south of the road. They had… Continue reading

Deer Me

I really don’t mind getting up early in a morning – and I am always ready to go on a photoshoot to see deer. But when those two eventualities happen together I find… Continue reading

A bit unusual (even for me)

I can feel my blog readers sucking air in through their teeth already. “Someone’s bought him a new version of Photoshop!” is what I hear! “More jiggly pictures!” But for once they are… Continue reading

Watching Toads or something like that

Not me – you understand – my wife – thought it might be great to join a local toad patrol group! I wasn’t actually sure how you watch toads – bird watching/whale watching,… Continue reading

The world goes yellow in March

If I had to give each month of the year a colour, I think March would have to be yellow. That would certainly be the case if one lived in York, as I… Continue reading

Meet my Grandfather

Once in a while the family allow me to have a little rummage around in the loft. all sorts of good things appear from the past including this rather unusual set of photographs… Continue reading

Fowl Play

I don’t wish to seem prudish, but I was brought up to be a great believer in good manners and I have noticed, since the beginning of lockdown a serious deterioration in the… Continue reading