Reflections of the Royal Norfolk show

For years I have taken photographs at the Norfolk show and I have a stack of pictures of cows horses, military bands, clever dogs doing tricks and of course fashion images (mainly ladies… Continue reading

York Mystery Plays

The plays are based on the Bible, retelling stories from creation to the last judgement including the death and resurrection of Jesus. Back in the 14th century, when church services and the Bible… Continue reading

A bit like a dream

You know the sort of thing I mean. Suddenly in your sleep there are lots of people you recognise but they are not doing the things you expect them to be. And strange… Continue reading

Secret Places

It’s not very often that you find a bit of unspoiled countryside that isn’t crowded out with car parks, ice cream sellers and shops selling souvenirs, postcards, craft items and the inevitable cup… Continue reading


In a race like the Three River Race on the Norfolk Broads, how is it that some people always manage to complete the course while others get defeated by the tide or stuck… Continue reading

Capturing Magic by Barry Cox

Barry Cox writes about his photography group – we tend to meet of a Friday and, weather permitting, try to look for different sources of inspiration, whether through local exhibitions, buildings of interest… Continue reading

Still pretty in old age

Contrary to popular opinion this is not about me (please don’t cough too loud) – it is about one of my favorite flowers. Each year I look forward to seeing tulips – but… Continue reading

Getting the sailing season under way

Good friends emerge for a new season of sailing on Barton Broad. Some trying hard to remember which boat they used last year Always there are concerns – is it really the same… Continue reading

Pilgrimage to a Norfolk Village

If you have never visited the National Pilgrimage at Walsingham you ought to do so. It is Anglo Catholicism at its most … er …spectacular. The outfits (for outfits read vestments) are unbelievably… Continue reading

Better Late Than Never

My apologies to those who were expecting this blog last Friday, I had a technical problem with some pictures and had to substitute the topic about the tulip fields. All is now restored… Continue reading