Spring Easter and Daffodils

It’s not every year that all three come together but I always associate daffodils with Easter and so many Easter cards have pictures of the flowers on them. I don’t think they are… Continue reading

The Rebel

I’ve lost count of the number of photography teachers who say to their students. “Your homework for the coming holiday is to complete the following four tasks.” That sounds reasonable doesn’t it so… Continue reading

Life will never be the same

I keep hearing this when people talk about what will happen after lockdown. But life is never the same – not from one year to the next – not from one month to… Continue reading

Exploring the family scrapbook

Never really thought of myself as an explorer, but the more I flipped the pages of one of the family scrap books earlier this week the more I began to discover things for… Continue reading

Your turn Plato

Last week I showed a picture of one of my clocks which I said was sometimes known as a “Philosopher’s Clock” It shows the correct time but is a source of confusion to… Continue reading

Don’t you find time flies?

This week – not so much chat –  just  a bit about the clocks in my life. I never realized how many clocks we have in the house – and I mean clocks… Continue reading

Double – decker chapel used by pilgrims in King’s Lynn

I suspect most people will know that the Norfolk village of Walsingham has been for centuries a place of pilgrimage. Auntie went to it last year from Sunderland on a coach. I’ve known… Continue reading

Anyone for a spin in the woods?

I have to say this was not my idea in the first place. Someone suggested that the blog ought (from time to time) to reflect other photographic work that I should be doing.… Continue reading

Just Snowdrops

As most of my regular readers will know, I am not good on identifying plants. Nevertheless I tend to mark the year by the flowers I see growing and especially those growing in… Continue reading

Looking in to puddles

Some of you may have noticed that recently it has been raining quite a bit. You never took me for the Sherlock Holmes type did you? The roads round us have been awash… Continue reading