We couldn’t miss out altogether

It’s not been a great season for the snowdrops and even less of a good season for those establishments holding “Snowdrop Days” Here in Thorpe Market Church we have four of “Nine Photographers”… Continue reading

What more Norwich Lights?

Having city centre illuminations is getting to be quite a thing for Norwich. This time bigger and better. There are colourful acts outside the Forum, coloured heads on London Street and if one… Continue reading

At least the sun was shining

It grimaced at us rather than smiled. Then there was the wind – that came out to play as well. All in all the weather was not on its best behaviour. Were we… Continue reading

It keeps the lad out of mischief

Click each picture That’s what my mother used to say – but of course she was wrong. Give a man a computer and 76 pictures and see what he can get up to.… Continue reading

Two for Norwich too

They always used to reckon for a town to be referred to as a city, it had to possess a cathedral. Liverpool always used to boast that it had two. Well so has… Continue reading

And of course there’s never any colour in the garden!

I think the lady who made the comment to her buddy was part of the let’s sit in front of the fire club and eat warm toast. Fair do it’s a thriving club… Continue reading

Are they real or are they not?

One of the things I would not like to be is a bauble on a Christmas tree – come to think of it I’m not even sure I like the idea of being… Continue reading

Sky Scribbling at New Year

Cromer again held its New Tear firework display – perhaps not as spectacular as the one in London the night before, but good enough to bring thousands of visitors in to the town… Continue reading

You ought to be able to get tablets for this sort of thing

Don’t get me wrong – I am as partial to a dip in the sea as the next person – preferably the Med or the Blue Lagoon in the Bahamas – but Cromer… Continue reading

Retro Window Shopping

This week is a bit like last week’s offering – except this week I went window shopping with a camera. It wasn’t so much the things in the shops that I was after.… Continue reading