Must be the cold weather that has turned my mind to enjoying the idea of frozen flowers. It’s just another way of seeing the amazing patterns that petals have and even the ice… Continue reading

Remembering how we built the Land Rover

It’s a bit like Meccano really only bigger and a bit more fiddly. It’s heavy and you make sure you don’t drop bits on your toes. First – find a friend who knows… Continue reading

I think I’m developing a squint!

My squint is caused by doing so much peering through the viewfinder on my camera. Sunday to Wednesday this week meant four photographic shoots. So instead of picking a theme for the blog… Continue reading

Churches that aren’t

Of course they were once churches – but now, no longer so. Norfolk has a number of these – many in the city – some were bombed during the Second World War –… Continue reading

Tiptoe through the…

Hands up all those who could sing the song. Maybe like me you could manage the first line – the song incidentally is almost a hundred years old – composed in 1929, so… Continue reading

Conservation or Catastrophe?

Last week I called in to my favourite bluebell wood to see how the delicate flowers were maturing, only to find that a reputable authority had got there first. This secluded wood was… Continue reading

A tree in the garden or something like that

There was this photographic exercise and the instruction was “find a tree in the garden or something like that!” We don’t exactly have a tree that I could walk round to take different… Continue reading

Spring Easter and Daffodils

It’s not every year that all three come together but I always associate daffodils with Easter and so many Easter cards have pictures of the flowers on them. I don’t think they are… Continue reading

The Rebel

I’ve lost count of the number of photography teachers who say to their students. “Your homework for the coming holiday is to complete the following four tasks.” That sounds reasonable doesn’t it so… Continue reading

Life will never be the same

I keep hearing this when people talk about what will happen after lockdown. But life is never the same – not from one year to the next – not from one month to… Continue reading