Just a touch unusual

On a visit to Oakham, the county town of Rutland, I decided to visit Oakham Castle. If you are looking for a full sized castle you are somewhat out of luck – indeed… Continue reading

Colliding Kaleidographs

We start again at the seaside – no – don’t even think of asking what I was wearing. I got so much hassle about my suggested attire last week. Sadly I don’t have… Continue reading

I just didn’t want to be a big brave boy

“Let’s go down to the seaside.” Was what was said! Clearly I wasn’t expecting to wear my Bermuda shorts, my Snoopy tee shirt and a kiss-me-quick hat, after all it is January; but… Continue reading

In For a Treet

It’s not very often that I managed a whole day with a camera, but just recently I had this idea that I wanted to produce some monochrome images of trees. At this time… Continue reading

Norwich By The Way

I love the tourist books about Norwich, which have large glossy pictures of the cathedral and the castle, views from Mousehold Heath and lovely summer scenes with the trees in leaf and boats… Continue reading

Captivated by Lights

Today we dispensed with our Christmas tree. It arrived about a week before the festival and after much difficulty “owwwing”  and “I can’t see you  ing” it was squeezed through the front door… Continue reading

Sooner or later someone would notice!

“Why was there no blog this year about the Norfolk and Suffolk Broadland Youth Regatta?” The criticism of course went deeper than that and pointed out that during the sailing season there had… Continue reading

By Bus to Bethlehem

For me that’s the way to get to Bethlehem from Jerusalem. Out through the Jaffa gate and across the road to the Palestinian Bus Station. This always feels like a local bus. Many… Continue reading

There was evening and there was morning

Two visits to Morston on the North Norfolk coast. It is amazing how the mood changes with the coming of the sun. Evening comes – the skies darken – seal trippers wend their… Continue reading

Mandala Moments

About two years ago I saw the work of an American photographer Elizabeth Kazda and thought that her creation with tulips was terrific. Old hands will know that anything to do with tulips… Continue reading