Not normal for Norfolk

Driving along the A148 towards Kings Lynn, just through the village of Hillington, I was suddenly aware of great splashes of colour in a field to the south of the road. They had… Continue reading

Deer Me

I really don’t mind getting up early in a morning – and I am always ready to go on a photoshoot to see deer. But when those two eventualities happen together I find… Continue reading

A bit unusual (even for me)

I can feel my blog readers sucking air in through their teeth already. “Someone’s bought him a new version of Photoshop!” is what I hear! “More jiggly pictures!” But for once they are… Continue reading

Watching Toads or something like that

Not me – you understand – my wife – thought it might be great to join a local toad patrol group! I wasn’t actually sure how you watch toads – bird watching/whale watching,… Continue reading

The world goes yellow in March

If I had to give each month of the year a colour, I think March would have to be yellow. That would certainly be the case if one lived in York, as I… Continue reading

Meet my Grandfather

Once in a while the family allow me to have a little rummage around in the loft. all sorts of good things appear from the past including this rather unusual set of photographs… Continue reading

Fowl Play

I don’t wish to seem prudish, but I was brought up to be a great believer in good manners and I have noticed, since the beginning of lockdown a serious deterioration in the… Continue reading

I can’t go wrong with snowdrops

Regular viewers and readers will know that my knowledge of flowers is somewhat restricted. Buttercups, dandelions and daffodils are all yellow, I know that. Other yellow flowers can be a bit of a… Continue reading

Just for a change

Just for a change you are only going to see a few pictures. Sadly I am having telephone and internet problems, so I have decided to cut out the happy chat and to… Continue reading

Forgotten Memories

I have to admit it would have been one of the last places I would have thought of for taking photographs. Thank you Paul for introducing me to the place. This is Rosary… Continue reading