Bending the Light

I used to think that light travelled in a straight line. You too eh! Well it sort of does, I suppose – that is until you visit the tunnel of light in Norwich… Continue reading

Not looking forward to Christmas

I’ve never asked turkeys what they think about Christmas. I strongly suspect that they might just vote for the abolition of the festival – especially in the UK. Despite all the vegetarians, vegans… Continue reading

Keep eating and talk about sailing

It is sometimes said by unkind people that the Norfolk Punt Club ought to be renamed the Norfolk Picnic Club. This is a gross misrepresentation of the aims of the organisation and the… Continue reading

It’s not the walk out that’s the problem, it’s the trudge home in the dark

On the right evening when the clouds clear and the sun sets over the Wash, Snettisham on the North Norfolk coast must be one of the best places in the UK to see… Continue reading

I know it’s early – but who cares?

Looking round at the news headlines there’s quite a lot to be depressed about in the Uk at the moment. This week Holt in Norfolk decided that it would give the local people… Continue reading

Moving into print

It’s not very often that I feature photographs that I have taken with a photographic society, but this week I thought it would be an opportunity to use some of the shots I… Continue reading

Secret Places

Welcome to Holt Hall – very early in the morning before most people are about. It is not somewhere the public are usually allowed to go. The Hall and the grounds are owned… Continue reading

Going Potty on Film

Clive Matthews kindly produced these images for me as a special feature for this week’s Ifotophilia. I think this is the first time in the five years the blog has been running that… Continue reading

Growing in Secret

I used to find this time of year rather depressing – the realisation that summer is over, the days are getting shorter, the temperature is getting cooler and everything is dying around you. … Continue reading

Squaring the circle or circling the square in Halifax

The one thing I remember being taught in Maths was that you can’t square a circle. So presumably the same is true in reverse – you can’t circle a square. Scroll down and… Continue reading