Just so many apples

The Autumn gales this year ensured that most of the apples on our trees came off at the same time. Before we had a chance to pick them we found that we were… Continue reading

Just photograph normal people!

The criticism was kindly meant, but non-the-less, I suspect the author of it likes her photography to be plain and simple. “We have had wonky trees, upside down trees and even trees in… Continue reading

If you go down in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise …

I quite often take a stroll in a morning with the camera across the fields near where I live. Just after sunrise it is the sort of time one might see deer, birds… Continue reading

Being put through the mill

I am sure many of my regulars will know that in Norfolk we have a large number of windmills – some in excellent condition and others in not so excellent condition. I have… Continue reading

There are two ways of doing most things

Clearly you’re way ahead of me today – that’s it – the easy way and the hard way. Whenever I take a task on it’s not that I consciously choose the hard way,… Continue reading

Choosing the moment

Quite a lot is said these days about choosing the moment in photography. Generally I can see how this works – until – that is – I go to Snettisham to photograph the… Continue reading

Bang goes another new year’s resolution

At the beginning of this year I made a resolution to spend much longer pondering the scene, taking stock of the surroundings, checking the camera carefully before using it and taking fewer photographs.… Continue reading

Yes but what do you do with your greens?

I was going to call this week’s blog “cabbages” but not all of the illustrations are cabbage leaves. Had I persisted, yet again people would have become confused and started calling all sorts… Continue reading

Once in a while you get lucky

I always feel rather envious of wildlife photographers who produce amazing close up pictures of animals, birds and the like. I always assume they spend their lives scouring the banks of rivers or… Continue reading

The way we were (Regatta as it was in 2010)

Normally this week the blog would be about the ups and downs, the thrills and spills of the annual Norfolk Punt Club Regatta on Barton Broad. This two day event is immensely popular… Continue reading