To the woods (Pictures of the Week)

Reflections on the Ramuz Trophy

You might be forgiven for not knowing about the Ramuz Trophy. It comes at the end of the summer sailing season and doesn’t seem to attract the publicity that many of the noisier… Continue reading

Now you see them – now you don’t

It is the end of the sailing season on the Norfolk Broads – apart from a few hearty souls who brave the frost and the snow in order to bob about in their… Continue reading

Desirable not Dying

Each year I look forward to the summer – long days – plenty of sunshine. If I can get four weeks of really warm weather like that, I’m a happy bunny. Don’t mind… Continue reading

The Italian Look

Memories of a visit I made to Venice and Verona earlier this year. Each image is two photographs with perhaps an unusual blend mode Then there were the shops   If one needed… Continue reading

All creatures G and S

The smaller they are the harder it is to find them and then keep them in focus. Ladybirds, for their size move ever so quickly.   Even the moth trap I found difficult.… Continue reading

Travelling Backwards – Pictures of the week

In time of course – at least as far as the 1940s. The towns of Holt and Sheringham have really taken this theme on-board at least once a year. It looks good. It… Continue reading

Photos of the week “All up in the air”

Well not exactly off the ground, but as close as makes no difference. This week I visited the Norwich Aviation Museum. Quite an eye-opener. A dangerous place for me to be taken knowing… Continue reading

When all’s said and done

“There’s too much said… and not enough done” – not sure who mentioned that to me but this work I’ll confine myself to doing the pictures (with captions) and saying less.   Last… Continue reading

Well dressing in a plague village

Up into the hills beyond Chesterfield lies the village of Eyam. I suspect its fame lies in the fact that in 1665 during the great plague in London, Eyam contracted the disease. It… Continue reading