Singing with the Seals

You know what they say “When you’ve seen one seal, you’ve seen them all!” The little ones look cute and the large males look threatening but the rest are – well seal like.… Continue reading

Where did that one come from?

My Christmas card I always get direct questions you know – that is when I don’t get direct criticism. “I think your card is unusual this year…” hang on folks this could be… Continue reading

Gorgeous rather than Georgian

It’s all about lighting up for Christmas. Somehow part of the hype and anticipation of the festive season includes an illuminated Christmas tree with presents underneath. We all have a sort of idyllic… Continue reading

Funny old weather we’ve been having

I wish I had a pound for every time I have been told that in my life. When all else fails what is it that the Brits always talk about – you got… Continue reading

The Archbishop and the Rabbi

Ifotophilia brings you the photographs of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s visit to Norwich that the local papers did not show. Wednesday 7th November saw the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the… Continue reading

It’s mind bending week

It’s your own fault, you should never have said that you liked my philosophical image of Plato’s cave – you know it only encourages me. This week my photographs explore “seeing and perceiving”… Continue reading

Yarn Bombing in Southwell

Last Monday and Tuesday I visited Southwell in Nottinghamshire and there, for the first time experienced Yarn Bombing. Yarn Bombing is when an individual or a group create items with wool and decorate… Continue reading

To the woods (Pictures of the Week)

Reflections on the Ramuz Trophy

You might be forgiven for not knowing about the Ramuz Trophy. It comes at the end of the summer sailing season and doesn’t seem to attract the publicity that many of the noisier… Continue reading

Now you see them – now you don’t

It is the end of the sailing season on the Norfolk Broads – apart from a few hearty souls who brave the frost and the snow in order to bob about in their… Continue reading