How come they can do that? (Pictures of the week)

I confess to be in awe of the young sailors I see each year at the Broadland Youth Regatta. I am sure you have heard me before natter on about the good humour… Continue reading

Busking Bishop

Markets are unusual places – stall holders produce a variety of goods that one may or may not find in the local shops. North Walsham market on a Thursday morning is no exception.… Continue reading

Norfolk Punts –maybe not what you think

When people ask me what I mainly photograph, I usually say that I take pictures at the Norfolk Punt Club. Unless the query comes from a member of the sailing fraternity, I see… Continue reading

Don’t tell me you went on it!

“Certainly – and I followed another Anglican clergyman down the slide!” We are talking by the way about the somewhat controversial helter-skelter which has been erected for the summer holiday season at the… Continue reading

How about one of these on your bed?

They are quilts you see. Or at least most of them are. There were other small decorated items at this exhibition in St Nicholas’ Chapel in Kings Lynn, but the main emphasis was… Continue reading

Ready Steady Slow

That is the cry that heralds the opening of the first race in the snail racing world championships at Congham in Norfolk. This annual event is organised by Neil Riseborough and his family… Continue reading

Gnarly Aciddrop

Wear a smile and produce a camera and these guys at the Southbank Skate Space will perform for you. Some of their set pieces are stunning and to my way of thinking daring!… Continue reading

Pressing the right buttons

Some of my more established readers may remember that in February 2018 I posted a blog which was called “Before we says goodbye.” It featured a number of photographs of telephone boxes in… Continue reading

I don’t really do pretty

Pretty isn’t a word I use a great deal. Mainly reserved for other people’s babies and gardens belonging to maiden aunts. I tend to use it to cover my ignorance – such as… Continue reading

Smiles Sunshine and Spinnakers

Last Saturday morning around 7am the clans gathered for the annual Round the Island Race in the Solent. Competitors in yachts small and large lined up in Cowes to await the beginning of… Continue reading