Photographers’ Block

When Robin invited me to contribute something to his blog, I wondered what other photographers might find thought-provoking. I’ve decided to share a recent and unexpected experience that has helped improve my photography… Continue reading

Christmas Bonus

It makes a change from the Norwich lights – although I have to confess that it is a little more expensive than a bus ride in to the city. But once again the… Continue reading

Buoys and Gulls

If you walk around Kings Lynn for long enough, you can’t avoid the buoys and you hope the gulls avoid you – if you know what I mean. It is a working port… Continue reading

It’s not what you see; it’s the way you look at it !

A visit to London – always exciting – even more so if you can fit in a visit to Tate Modern. Over the bridge you go and in to a world that never… Continue reading

The comings and goings on a nature reserve

I think my arrival at Titchwell must have coincided with a change of shift or something among the birds. Gently, ever so gently, I poked my head above the counter in the hide… Continue reading

Woodland wandering in Holt Country Park

This is the time of year when the colours in our country parks are stunning. Green leaves turn to brown and in the gentle breeze they float to the ground. But in Holt… Continue reading

Shoot and Pan – or Run!

When you get a rider who makes a motorbike jump like this it creates a reaction among the spectators. Some look approvingly, or in my case enviously; others may wonder if it is… Continue reading

Slow, Slow – Quick Quick, Slow

Quite some time ago I produced some pictures, taken at Cromer, of the waves crashing over the pier. These were much appreciated especially by those who didn’t get up early enough to see… Continue reading

Enough to send you Dippy!?

This Diplodocus – dinosaur to you and me – affectionately known as “Dippy” has been residing in the nave of Norwich Cathedral since 13th July this year. Having said that I am not… Continue reading

Beach Hut Development – or something

Ever since I published the blog about seaside life (August 12th) I find I keep getting asked questions about beach huts. How much do they cost to rent for a season? Do they… Continue reading