Cairngorm Novice – my first impressions.

Mary writes “What a treat to have the chance for an early March visit to a new area. Based near Ruthven Barracks in the beautiful Insh Marshes National Nature Reserve meant that I… Continue reading

It’s all a matter of using your loaf

We live in an age of high tech this and high tech that – and while some of us rather enjoy the results of technology – there is a lot to be said… Continue reading

If you don’t ask – you don’t learn!

That was one of my old mum’s sayings – and clearly a few people have taken it to heart. About two weeks ago I was asked to produce a colour wheel. Nothing to… Continue reading

The past is a foreign country to all those who want it to be

In general as they get older most people find the past much more familiar than the future. That’s why we are drawn towards reclaim yards. When visiting such a site I wonder how… Continue reading

Support Your Local Viking

Don’t people just love the Vikings. Although I would feel that they were far from being “very nice people.” Selecting a featured image is recommended for an optimal user experience. Nevertheless historians seem… Continue reading

We couldn’t miss out altogether

It’s not been a great season for the snowdrops and even less of a good season for those establishments holding “Snowdrop Days” Here in Thorpe Market Church we have four of “Nine Photographers”… Continue reading

What more Norwich Lights?

Having city centre illuminations is getting to be quite a thing for Norwich. This time bigger and better. There are colourful acts outside the Forum, coloured heads on London Street and if one… Continue reading

At least the sun was shining

It grimaced at us rather than smiled. Then there was the wind – that came out to play as well. All in all the weather was not on its best behaviour. Were we… Continue reading

It keeps the lad out of mischief

Click each picture That’s what my mother used to say – but of course she was wrong. Give a man a computer and 76 pictures and see what he can get up to.… Continue reading

Two for Norwich too

They always used to reckon for a town to be referred to as a city, it had to possess a cathedral. Liverpool always used to boast that it had two. Well so has… Continue reading