This week I am delighted to host the work of James Arthur – a good friend and a brilliant photographer – BUT he doesn’t always use a camera! James says – “In the… Continue reading

The things you don’t notice and the people so easy to forget

Why do people go to church? Why do I go to church? Pray to God? Worship? Possibly – some of the time. But for many of us there are other motives as well.… Continue reading

Now and Then 1975 – 2020

The cloth I knew as worsted takes its name from the village of Worstead in Norfolk where, from the Middle Ages immigrant Flemish weavers settled in the district to take advantage of the… Continue reading

A fascination with Mosi-oa-Tunya

Well you may smile it is 45 years since I captured these images Here’s me hard at work Of course on a visit to Zambia we had to visit the Victoria Falls –… Continue reading

Changing your glasses

What the lady asked for was a photograph of a white object on a white background or a dark object on a black background. Having an addled brain and a disposition to hear… Continue reading

A tale of Joy and a tale of Woe

As some of you may know we have a bird box in the garden with a camera mounted inside it. Unfortunately the camera and the lighting are showing their age and we don’t… Continue reading

Just Rainbows from Rob Palethorpe

I have enjoyed photography for many years since my parents bought me my Kodak Brownie box camera when I was just ten. My photography has developed somewhat since then and my camera is… Continue reading

Looking Down on Exercise

I thought, in the interests of health hygiene and being a law abiding citizen (I shall ignore calls of “since when”) it seemed a good idea to me to go for my daily… Continue reading

More like painting

This week my blog features some of the photographs of Linda Gower. Her paintings and photographs will be well known to art and photography enthusiasts in North Norfolk. She says,  “I like to… Continue reading

Learners become teachers as young people of High Kelling deliver messages

For the past three weeks the news on the tele has not been all that great. The lockdown was surely inevitable, but coupled with stories of great sadness and much finger wagging by… Continue reading