Exploring the family scrapbook

Never really thought of myself as an explorer, but the more I flipped the pages of one of the family scrap books earlier this week the more I began to discover things for… Continue reading

Your turn Plato

Last week I showed a picture of one of my clocks which I said was sometimes known as a “Philosopher’s Clock” It shows the correct time but is a source of confusion to… Continue reading

Don’t you find time flies?

This week – not so much chat –  just  a bit about the clocks in my life. I never realized how many clocks we have in the house – and I mean clocks… Continue reading

Double – decker chapel used by pilgrims in King’s Lynn

I suspect most people will know that the Norfolk village of Walsingham has been for centuries a place of pilgrimage. Auntie went to it last year from Sunderland on a coach. I’ve known… Continue reading

Anyone for a spin in the woods?

I have to say this was not my idea in the first place. Someone suggested that the blog ought (from time to time) to reflect other photographic work that I should be doing.… Continue reading

Just Snowdrops

As most of my regular readers will know, I am not good on identifying plants. Nevertheless I tend to mark the year by the flowers I see growing and especially those growing in… Continue reading

Looking in to puddles

Some of you may have noticed that recently it has been raining quite a bit. You never took me for the Sherlock Holmes type did you? The roads round us have been awash… Continue reading

Lord of the Dance

Event photographers get around.  As a photographer and a teacher of Religious Studies my happiest trip in a year used to be to Handsworth in Birmingham to visit the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi.… Continue reading

Winter Confessions

You may call me a wimp, or a spoil-sport; unadventurous or even a killjoy, but I hate snow. Always have done. When I was young, at the first snow, mother would appear full… Continue reading

Winter Blues

A slightly moving tale as I am sure you will agree. The trees really are the indicators of the season and for those of you who wonder if I have undertaken a secret… Continue reading