You have to admit the camera looks good and the angle is right. It all points towards one of those  expert photographer blokes. Well sort of, but not quite. I’ve been taking photographs and selling some of them on and off since I was 17. Actually more off than on!

The main  website Myerscough Photography www.myerscoughpictures.org.uk  is there to provide publicity photographs for sailing groups,  local events for those free newspapers who can’t afford to employ a photographer and farming pictures for my wife who needs them for her interest.

Occasionally people ask if I used to run a website called RS Support. That’s correct I did for 15 years, but I closed it when I retired from full time teaching. The people who ask are usually on the look-out for the free photographs I offered for download on religions. Many of these pictures have been transferred to my photography site, but an email to me will soon ascertain whether or not I have what they are now looking for

Freelance work, commissions and parties – sure I do those, but they cost money. Do email me though if you need a photographer. I  might know one or two good ones.

The blog ah yes! Well musings, ramblings on what I see through the camera lens and what I see of human nature while hiding behind the camera. It might not make great technical reading, but I hope it proves entertaining.