What does go on at the 40s weekend

Jolly brave of the North Norfolk Railway even to entertain the idea of a 40s weekend this year. In general their safeguards seem to have worked. Trains were not too crowded and charging… Continue reading

Evening Light at Bressingham Gardens

I have just returned from Bressingham Gardens near Diss in South Norfolk. Quite an experience with beautifully laid out gardens – seen of course at their best in gentle evening sunlight. The photographs… Continue reading

Not only but also – (the Shah Jahan Mosque Woking).

Not only was this the first purpose built mosque in the UK, it is, in my opinion, the most beautiful. I suspect my Muslim friends might suspect that if I call it the… Continue reading

Secret Ambitions

I always had a secret ambition to take two photographs in Southwell. If you don’t know the Nottinghamshire town/city/village shame on you. (I have actually written two blogs from there in my time.)… Continue reading

Down on the farm just the way it used to be

Last week I was invited to a traditional gathering in of the harvest in a remote corner of Norfolk. I was to see farming practices just as they were immediately after the Second… Continue reading

What you’ve never been underground!?

Never mind about the Bakerloo  Line – we are talking caves or pot holes. It’s a different world down there . No it isn’t claustrophobic. One just gets taken over by the magic… Continue reading

Seaside Life

I fancied a wander round Cromer this week in the sunshine. We haven’t seen much sun – so, like lots of other people I thought I would make the most of it –… Continue reading

See – it’s not just me!

I can remember when I was very young that my mum used to swat moths! “They always make holes in the clothes in your wardrobe , if you let them get in there.”… Continue reading

Amazing what you can see in Blakeney – or not see!

One of the things that sometimes irritates me is when you have been out on a photo shoot and as you pass another photographer going the same way he says “did you see… Continue reading

Excuse me mister, what does your machine do?

We are in to high technology this week dear people. I hear complaints that farming is being absorbed by technological wizards “farming isn’t what it used to be!” I notice that this week… Continue reading