Photo of the Week …My Angel of the North

Good Friday and I feel I ought to have something religious here. There is always the wonderful Antony Gormley creation – Angel of the North. I am unable to drive along the Western… Continue reading

Clever, Versatile and Inventive – Russells’ Circus in Sheringham

Once the animals went – you might think the days of the circus were numbered. Many of the big names like Bertram Mills seem to have disappeared into history. In reality the circus… Continue reading

Grave Issue – Featuring Cecilia’s Photographs

Some stunning images from Cecilia Evans’vast portfolio of photographs. Indeed these are photographs lots of them. I am sure she wouldn’t mid me telling you that each picture is made up of at… Continue reading

You Shop – We Drop (Every picture tells a story)

Every picture should tell a story – that was what my old art teacher used to tell me. These photographs from my India collection flashed across my screen this week and I remembered… Continue reading

Pictures of the week – featuring the Astro Photography of Shaun Reynolds

My name is Shaun and I have been quite obsessed with astro photography for around 7 years now. I have a home observatory and use my telescope and CCD to capture deep sky… Continue reading

Meeting at Tate Modern (Pictures of the Week)

One of the things about Tate Modern is it’s not just the things they hang on the walls that are interesting the whole building is full of shapes weird and wonderful. Then of… Continue reading

Featuring the work of the Stonemasons’ Guild of St Stephen and St George

One of the things you can be sure about in the area known as Norwich-over-the-Water is that it is the home of free thinkers – people who are part of 21st Century society… Continue reading

They let you loose on people? Pictures of the week

Seems strange doesn’t it – nevertheless last week I went on a photoshoot with a live model.                 The results were quite pleasing and the young… Continue reading

Wild about Wild – Pictures of the week by Janet Keymer

What Janet says about them I have always enjoyed wildlife study and found macro work specially rewarding when looking at the living world. However, this is not an easy skill and I am… Continue reading

Still a little bit delicate

That more or less sums up the way I feel for the first two hours after waking up each morning. However one day earlier this week, by an enormous act of will, I… Continue reading