Things aren’t what they used to be

Things definitely weren’t “what they used to be” on Friday. We used to have a jolly walk along the prom on a Friday This week we had a storm surge and the sort… Continue reading

What brought this on? (Picture of the week)

Well it was a cold frosty morning, and if it suits you, I was inspired by the formations on the car windscreen – the shapes, the colours and all those other things that… Continue reading

Quiet Days of the Broads (Pictures of the week)

After all the celebrations and festivities what I needed was a quiet time on the Broads. Few boats, even fewer holiday makers. It was as if nature was locked down – even sadder… Continue reading

Picture of the week – It’s Christmas so you get a special picture

What d’yer mean that’s not very special. I think it’s quite good. It took ages with my white-box to centre it and then there was the glare of the lights on the shiny… Continue reading

Cribs and Christmas (This week’s pictures)

It makes a change from Christmas trees, robins, snow and immortal choir boys singing everlasting choruses. Last weekend a local church had a Christmas Crib Festival. So we took along some belonging to… Continue reading

The things you do when you’ve got a cold (Pictures of the week)

When I have a cold I do a lot of listening to the radio and then wonder why I don’t do so more often. This week in between coughing and sneezing I heard… Continue reading

It had to be seasonal of course (Pictures of the Week)

You thought I was too old for that sort of thing, but any harsh words Santa and I have had in the past about delivering the wrong present to me or not grabbing… Continue reading

What’s the point of being ordinary?

They said “why don’t we go into Norwich and see the lights.” It was generally thought that I would be safe because the majority of shops would be closed and I agreed to… Continue reading

Being Lazy at Blakeney (Picture of the week)

Well not lazy exactly – it’s just that Blakeney is quite near and I needed a few pictures of sand sea, rusty things, nostalgic moments, anything blue (it’s not what you think!) so… Continue reading

Walsingham’s House of Correction (Pictures of the week)

I wonder if you remember pictures of Walsingham like this   And perhaps you may remember incidents like this – albeit once a year Last week I discovered the answer to all the… Continue reading