Before you put us away

I always feel rather sad when the day comes to take down the Christmas tree and to pack up all the glitzy baubles for another year. Most of all I am sorry to… Continue reading

Now you see me – Now you don’t!

Boxing Day in Cromer – always a good occasion. Lots of people gather together in the late morning and go for a dip in the sea. Crowds come from miles around to view… Continue reading

Forming Bubbles

This week “bubbles” are very topical However Ifotophilia would like to form a couple of bubbles. Yes I know what the Governments says, but I would like to pay tribute to 1 My… Continue reading

Flights of Fancy

It was always a mystery to me how birds managed to fly at all. This week is a bit of a mystery tour. There are some birds that fly, some birds that don’t… Continue reading

Craftsmen All

Most of these photographs were taken long before lockdown, when people could gather together and share their ideas, crafts and skills without facemasks and “distancing.” In the last few weeks I have been… Continue reading

Shapes Lines and Squiggles!

I have been asked not to make up titles like this because it belittles the world of abstract art. For me though abstract art is fun- to see and develop shapes and then… Continue reading

Whooshy Pictures

It’s all part of the revolution folks.  Outside the old comfort zone and all that sort of thing. I saw an article in Amateur Photographer – bet they won’t pay me for that… Continue reading

Being Unusual

I’m all for being a bit unusual. Much to be preferred than being normal! That can certainly be said of the subject of my pictures this week. Binham Priory is indeed a bit… Continue reading

There’s no point in having a hedge that you can’t see through.

I have spent a few mornings recently in pursuit of a photograph of a glorious sunrise at a local waterhole. Forget it – where I go seems to specialise in murky sunrises. Even… Continue reading

Just so many apples

The Autumn gales this year ensured that most of the apples on our trees came off at the same time. Before we had a chance to pick them we found that we were… Continue reading