Please don’t hide them in the bedroom

Once in a while I get invited by my wife to go to Kings Lynn to see the latest exhibition of quilts designed and made by members by the Samphire Quilters, which is held – usually annually I believe – but of course these have not been usual times – in the St Nicholas’ Chapel in Kings Lynn.

The impact of the display is a feast of colour on the eyes. This year there were over 130 submissions – mainly quilts, to look at.

Each, of course, has a name, names such as Liquorice Allsorts 2022, Jellyroll experiments or Convex illusions. These quilts are just so inventive, showing not only needlework skills but also a love of experimenting in colour.

Not all the items on display are quilts – there are cushions, bags and wall hangings. My eye was drawn to what initially looked like a picture of the Queen’s head. A closer examination of the picture revealed that it was composed entirely of pearl buttons. How inventive.

Another quilt which almost demanded my attention was a massive monochrome 7 feet square quilt in what looked to be white, but which turned out to be a light cream, by a lady who was presenting no fewer than four quilts. The intricacy of the design and the obvious care taken was so impressive. Keeping it clean during construction must have posed considerable problems.

But for the rest, it was the wonderful patterns and colours which were so striking. The stories, the inspiration and the sheer joy in each production was evident.

Thank you to the quilters and the organisers of the exhibition for allowing me in with a camera. My only regret is that the exhibition was so short lived (two days) not even time to tell my friends “You ought to go and see this – it is an inspiration.”

You could of course have a look on their work on line – they have a Facebook page (not as good as the real thing) so keep an eye open for next year’s display at St Nicholas’ by the Samphire Quilters.