Tiny things in the garden

This week has been a non-adventurous week. It was great fun shambling around the city of York and the Royal Norfolk show was unquestionably exhausting. This week images which presented themselves on the camera viewfinder were discovered in our garden – or in some cases local ponds within striking distance of the homestead.

The weather forecasters tell me that this weekend is going to be a bit warm !

Just at the moment it is about as warm as I like it to get – so yet another reason for not wandering too far afield for the photographs.

It’s amazing what one can discover in the way of flying things and insects in a garden. Having said that I don’t find that they are too obliging about sitting still while I compose the shots.

I tried, for a long time to get you a picture of a hover-fly – don’t have any doubt we do have plenty of them when the sun comes out – but all my shots seem to be either a little blurry or blank.

Not sure I enjoy all the creepy crawlies that I managed to find and it is quite difficult to capture them with the camera when one is either walking backwards away from them or trying to avoid being stung.

Nevertheless here are a few from my morning activity. Some of my names for them are probably correct and I am sure the emailers among you will correct the others. It is still good to hear from you.

Stay cool.