I should have known better

The criticism was well founded. I should never have ventured to photograph and pontificate two weeks ago about all the wonderful things I found in the garden. Not only did I find some interesting specimens to take pictures of but I also managed a few technical terms and the odd Latin name. What a mistake!

“What about all the nasty things in the garden?… pests and things like that?”

This was followed by a catalogue of the undesirables that may be discovered under bushes, under stones or, indeed walking about on some of the plants themselves. After the list was ended – and just for the record my name did not appear among the pests (much to my amazement!) the location of some of these creatures was exposed.

Muntjac considering the work

Of course it helps if you know what you are looking for – the larger beasties were easy to find, although it did take my trail camera to find the muntjac. The mouse popped in to my live mammal trap. I would class him/or her as a semi pest. After a good feed on the bait I laid, the mouse was released into the field just over the hedge and to the best of my knowledge the creature has not been back.

White fly and black fly took a bit more finding and were even harder to photograph. The curious looking munchers were discovered on our dying lupins and seemed terribly unpleasant. However, as you will notice a friendly ladybird or two obliged by eating lots of them.

So there we are then – instead of nice things in the garden, this week it’s “pests in the garden.”

Oh and by the way, those with long memories will notice that I had a shot at photographing a hover-fly – with limited success. My guru tells me that the blurred wings indicate movement. And on that positive note – I shall quit before you examine the shot too carefully.  

Hope your weekend is good.