Capturing Magic by Barry Cox

Barry Cox writes about his photography group – we tend to meet of a Friday and, weather permitting, try to look for different sources of inspiration, whether through local exhibitions, buildings of interest or any of the wonderful choice of beautiful locations that we are blessed with in Norfolk. 

The focus is always on trying to achieve strong interesting images and exploring different techniques but after typically testing our creative camera skills for a couple of hours we repair to the nearest cafe to put the world to rights. A few weeks ago, at lunch after one such session, we fell to discussing our own personal photographic journeys and what it is that makes a “good photograph” Obviously there are a myriad of answers to such a question, none of them wrong as such and all a matter of personal taste and individual foibles.

The capabilities of today’s cameras and computers are such that the possibilities are literally endless and I personally am still some distance from mastering many of the techniques available. However, a period of reflection after that debate and a trawl through my work of the last couple of years looking for images that still do it for me, has brought me to the conclusion that my personal preference is for images that “capture magic”Capturerather than create, and magic arising from the beauty of the moment in location, light or sheer serendipity. Many, but not all, are landscapes and I try to achieve images that reflect a sense of place relevant to the particular location I’ve chosen. For me, where I feel many of my images tend to work best is with the inclusion of some human presence that helps to amplify the unique qualities of the place I am in.

A few examples……..

 Ulswater – a welcome Indian Summer day in October 2021

Whitstable  Beach – a late afternoon walk in Autumn 2021

and a little nearer home………

Basically, I am happiest with camera in hand, mind engaged and awareness simply open to possibilities. The odd success brings disproportionate happiness.

All images © Barry Cox  May 2022