Still pretty in old age

Contrary to popular opinion this is not about me (please don’t cough too loud) – it is about one of my favorite flowers. Each year I look forward to seeing tulips – but you probably guessed that from earlier blogs. Even so I find that when they fade and are clearly past their best, they produce wonderful colours and shapes.

My visit to East Ruston Old Vicarage in Norfolk last week was as magical as ever even though many of the tulips no longer retained their original form and shape.

I selected sixteen of them and set them into the panel. As always I was spoilt for choice because there were lots of others which really deserved to be photographed in their natural state – so here are a few of them.

I was also really interested to see these – I think I was told what they were (no doubt someone will remind me) but I thought they were really unusual. Presumably you can’t eat them.

Never was terribly vegetarian.

Have a good weekend.