I think I’m developing a squint!

My squint is caused by doing so much peering through the viewfinder on my camera. Sunday to Wednesday this week meant four photographic shoots. So instead of picking a theme for the blog this week, I will share some images from four appointments in my diary from Sunday to Wednesday.

Sunday – a bright enough start- I even went to church – which for me as a clergyman is sort of expected. That over it was down to Barton Broad to photograph the day’s racing. It may have been sunny on Sunday but the wind was what my nephew would have called “wicked.”

In addition to the more traditional sailing boats, Bart, Tim and Libby were trying out what I suspect was  their new Norfolk Punt. Verdict? “Splashy”

On Monday I honoured a long standing invitation to take photographs in a private garden. The owners are famed for their collection of snowdrops, but later in the year, as you can see, they specialize in growing tulips.

More tulips Robin ?

True – it’s only a couple of weeks since I last featured tulips, but they are my favourite flower and I could not resist the lure of such a beautiful garden.


Tuesday I was asked to take photographs of Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal when she made a visit to Hunters Boatyard at Ludham on the Norfolk Broads.

I took my standard lens and my 400mm telephoto lens so that I could keep well back and still obtain some good shots. The visit was a great success. 89 images in total – but sadly the Royal Office in London will only allow 4 to be shared on social media – and believe it or not boys and girls, Ifotophilia is considered to be social media. You’ll have to come round for tea if you want to see the others. They’ll bung me in the Tower of London if don’t do as I’m told.

Wednesday – a chance to visit a small wood to see bluebells and to take more artistic photographs. What the lady called “Arty-farty Stuff.” Not my phrase I assure you. In reality it is a delicate mixture of intentional camera movement, double exposures and generally exploring infrequently used camera techniques.

The effects can be quite stunning  – or at least some peoples are. I have a long way to go before I am comfortable with this sort of thing. By the way you get a bonus point if you can spot a shy visitor on one of these images.

So there we are – Sunday to Wednesday. Thursday? You don’t want to see them. Photographing decaying roots – but I’ll spare you that.

I was once asked if I wanted to join a group who take a picture day!

I declined.

Have a quiet weekend