Remembering how we built the Land Rover

It’s a bit like Meccano really only bigger and a bit more fiddly. It’s heavy and you make sure you don’t drop bits on your toes.

First – find a friend who knows what he is doing – tell him you’ll help with the lifting and if necessary the painting, but essentially you operate the camera and wear ear plugs – to avoid the bad language. He does most of the work.

Collect up bits – wheels are a great part in any motor vehicle. A cab to keep off the rain a tub (to put things in) and a radiator grill so that the Police know what sort of a vehicle it is supposed to be when they write out the ticket.

A new chassis is a good idea – you have to buy that and they will send it round on a trailer because it’s too heavy even for two of you to carry it round from the shop.

Notice the heavy lifting device.

While you are messing about with the chassis it seems a good idea to put the wheels on it. That sorts out some of the problem about moving it around – although there are drawbacks – quick tip – don’t do the job on the side of a hill. Observant readers may notice the well positioned brick.

We thought a windscreen and a front to the cab were good ideas. It means you have got something to clip windscreen wipers to and it stops rain coming in. Having said that not everything fits perfectly first time and adjustments have to be made.  By this stage the vehicle is starting to take shape although the absence of comfortable seats may be a problem.

Last of all a back door. After all one cannot have passengers riding around dangling their legs over the ledge.

That’s sort of it. Next question really is do all those levers, switches and buttons inside work the relevant bits. Good as it looks at the moment, we could have tears when it goes for a road test.