A tree in the garden or something like that

There was this photographic exercise and the instruction was “find a tree in the garden or something like that!” We don’t exactly have a tree that I could walk round to take different sorts of shots – like -out of focus images (although I’m good for those anywhere), close ups, shots from different positions etc.

I do have a large radio mast in the garden – it is quite a land mark and the way most strangers find their way to our house. So I did all my photographs, round, behind, underneath and from half way up it.

Most people in the photography group had wonderfully delicate pictures of trees and shrubs. They were exquisite – lovely tones and shading – all artistically arranged.

What did mine look like? – a thumping steel and aluminium structure – about as subtle as a flying mallet and about as delicate as a Roy Lichtenstein piece of Pop Art.

It ought to be recorded that my fellow students are very kind about my photographs – but after they have been watching  creative compositions from the wild and nature, one can hear the sharp intake of breath as my sort of BLAM pictures are shared on screen and they struggle to find words that won’t express surprise, shock or cause offence.

However, I’ll put it on record that I like my radio mast. I think it is quite different as a resource for pictures. It is also quite good for allowing me to talk to people on the other side of the world. Needless to say we only exchange greetings and I don’t have to send them a picture.

As we say in radio circles “73” which means “good to talk to you.”

G0SIQ – out.