Spring Easter and Daffodils

It’s not every year that all three come together but I always associate daffodils with Easter and so many Easter cards have pictures of the flowers on them.

I don’t think they are necessarily thought of as connected with the church but many churchyards seem to have an abundance of them this year. My friend Rosie beat me to the village of Aldborough in north Norfolk – yes it is in north Norfolk! Where the Reverend John Gudgen bred and planted many new varieties. The display is still stunning.

Those of you who know me will be astounded by my ability to recognise/identify these yellow flowers. (For any newbies – you ought to know that my skills in the garden are usually confined to cutting grass and painting the fence) However I can recognise daffs because my old dad used to grow lots of them in the garden and of course I grew up in York where the slopes below the city walls are covered in them at this time of year.

York in the Spring

I believe that one John Allen produced a print showing 71 different varieties. However a great work of reference “The Book of the Daffodil” was produced by the Revd Eugene Bourne in 1903. I am not sure how many different species he lists – I rather fell asleep around page MCMI.

So enjoy some of the plants I have captured. Please don’t email me about how blurry the pictures are. It was blowing a gale when I took most of them.

He’s the man to ask about varieties of plants

Have a good weekend and look forward to those haircuts.