Daunting can be more fun than going on line.

Natty title eh. It’s all about bookshops you see. It was suggested that during my last visit to London, I ought to go and have a look at Daunt Books. Their main outlet/headquarters… Continue reading

Other Worlds

Apologies to my faithful photography friends who this week find themselves sharing the weekly photography blog with friends who come along to my Old Testament lectures. The Assyrian exhibition at the British Museum,… Continue reading

Great Pictures – Great Exhibition

This may seem a little parochial if you don’t happen to live in Norfolk. For those of you on the other side of the Wash or beyond where the A11 emerges from the… Continue reading

And all before breakfast

There was this report that we were in for a high tide last week on the North Norfolk Coast. Not a problem in itself, but when coupled with an onshore fairly strong wind,… Continue reading

If you go down to the woods today

Perhaps like me, you’ll be sure of a big surprise . The weather this week has not been very helpful when one is looking for striking woodland views. This week one or two… Continue reading

Something Similar

Thought I would go and have a look at the Christmas lights one more time before they dismantled them, but it rained and so I found myself looking at wet streets instead. My… Continue reading

Mice in the Minster

Some of you may know that my favourite church in the UK is Southwell Minster in Nottinghamshire. This small self-deprecating building is in fact the cathedral church of the Anglican Diocese of Southwell.… Continue reading

Singing with the Seals

You know what they say “When you’ve seen one seal, you’ve seen them all!” The little ones look cute and the large males look threatening but the rest are – well seal like.… Continue reading

Where did that one come from?

My Christmas card I always get direct questions you know – that is when I don’t get direct criticism. “I think your card is unusual this year…” hang on folks this could be… Continue reading

Gorgeous rather than Georgian

It’s all about lighting up for Christmas. Somehow part of the hype and anticipation of the festive season includes an illuminated Christmas tree with presents underneath. We all have a sort of idyllic… Continue reading