Welcome to the Gadgetography show

I enjoyed my visit to the Photography show at NEC this week.               Did I purchase anything? Not really! But when one goes looking for inspiration in… Continue reading

Go See Gursky at the Hayward

A simple message for all photographers who struggle with Photoshop. Go and see what is possible in the art of manipulation of images by Andreas Gursky. These photographs on display at the Hayward… Continue reading

And not a snow sailor in sight

This is what is called a people specific entry this week. Good morning Punt Club members.     Not often you will see this sight I suspect. The huskies and I ploughed through… Continue reading

The ups and downs of Ely

You have to hand it to the Dean and chapter of Ely Cathedral, they are one of the few cathedrals in the UK who will let you up on to the roof. Not… Continue reading

Pictures of the Week. Going wild at Pensthorpe

  A selection of my half term images from Pensthorpe in North Norfolk.   Being half term it got pretty wild. The situation at Pensthorpe brought about my total admiration. I admired the… Continue reading

Picture of the Week – Featuring the work of artist Stephen Johnston

Some of my readers may recognise the face but have no idea that as well as being a teacher of mainly practical subjects he is also a talented artist. A certain amount of… Continue reading

Before you say goodbye (Photo of the week)

It’s all you lot who are to blame! Don’t look at me like that. You and your mobile phones. You can’t leave them alone can you? People no longer read on the Tube… Continue reading

It’s one of those unmissable opportunities

You know how you turn up for a photography exhibition when one photographer produces his or her very best work. Well on this occasion you can see not one but nine photographers of… Continue reading

They’re back

Amazingly so. Last weekend the first snowdrops appeared in the garden along with a couple of iris plants which came into flower (note the clever way I avoided the plural of iris! The… Continue reading

Photograph of the week – A staircase!

You went all the way to London to take a photograph of a staircase? Just goes to show they haven’t all been locked up yet! Well not exactly. It was my annual jolly… Continue reading