Whatever keeps you happy

Having studied photography for three years, albeit in a fairly amateurish way, I would have to admit that I am no nearer knowing what makes a good photograph than when I started. What… Continue reading

Pictures of the Week (Featuring the photographs of James Arthur)

James Arthur: is a retired civil engineer with an interest in photography going back to childhood.  He moved to Barton Turf in 2013 after a working lifetime which took him to over 60 countries.  He most enjoys… Continue reading

Just like School

Some of you will know that I have a fascination with a small optical instrument that was originally leant to me by Janet. – a teleidoscope. New readers begin here – old readers… Continue reading

Some things change and others don’t

Years ago taking your motorbike to the seaside was a little bit like a declaration of war. Where there were bikes, there were also motor-scooters. Mods and Rockers fought many a happy battle… Continue reading

Surprise Surprise

We went to an exhibition of patchwork and quilting put on by the Samphire Quilters in Kings Lynn a few weeks ago. Initially that didn’t sound like a lot of fun to me.… Continue reading

You’re part of the BBC (Pictures of the week)

A real day of activity on Barton Broad when it was learnt that Mary Ann Ochota, formerly of Time Team and Britain’s Secret Homes was coming down with a camera crew to film… Continue reading

Pictures of the Week (Featuring Andrew Barclay Snapping through the Decades)

Andrew sent me the images I hoped he would display with the following message. “Picasso tells us that ‘ after Altamira all is decadence ‘, and I do not argue with that. However,… Continue reading

Round the Island (Pictures of the week)

Quite important you know which island of course. But once I had made it past the M25 it was, if you will pardon the expression, all plain sailing. The boatman advised “we start at… Continue reading

Let there be mud (Pictures of the week) from the Royal Norfolk Show

As some of you may know, one of my delights at the Royal Norfolk Show is to photograph ladies in their fashionable hats. A number of these hats are so minute that it is difficult… Continue reading

Splashing about on the Broads (Pictures of the week)

There’s great variety (of one sort or another) on the Broads. Variety of scenery, variety of boats and variety of skills. From time to time most sailing clubs have open days when anyone… Continue reading