Drone Photography as Frederic Landes and his Quadcopter visit the Aylsham Roman Dig

This week I had intended to post some photographs taken at the Aylsham Roman Dig project here in Norfolk. Many of my regular readers will know that this archaeological site at Woodgate Nursery… Continue reading

And now for something completely different

Regular viewers of these pages will know that from time to time they can see the latest sailing pictures – usually from the Norfolk Punt Club. Possibly not all those (I use the… Continue reading

Harley People

Suddenly the town was full of interesting people. They arrived, as usual on their Harley Davidson bikes. They made tons of noise and enjoyed making it.   Last year I featured their motorbikes.… Continue reading

Walking in circles

I used to enjoy walking round Norwich Cathedral, so I thought with all this sunshine I would give an old idea a new twist. With my upgraded teleidoscope I went round Norwich Cathedral… Continue reading

Variations on a theme

I liked the Wells Art Trail although some of the exhibits were a bit difficult to find and not necessarily where the map thought they were. I also got a bit confused because… Continue reading

Floral Dreams

That was the nature of the exercise. Find some lilies, find some more flowers and see how they fit together. An interesting exercise if you like that sort of thing. Mind you the… Continue reading

Sailing in the sunshine with a 100 year old lady

Last weekend’s Punt Open Regatta on Barton Broad was idyllic. Lots of sunshine to tempt out the crews and a fair wind – not quite true – a fairly gusty wind if the… Continue reading

Something unusual at the Royal Norfolk Show

I’ve rather lost count of the number of Norfolk Shows I have attended. This week the weather was kind and the company good. As always I took a camera, but with little idea… Continue reading

Do I need glasses?

One of the things I lose the most in life are my glasses (along with my car keys, my mobile phone and my wallet) – but enough of family confessions. The sort of… Continue reading

Getting what you wish for

It’s not very often that I do, if you know what I mean. Perhaps my wishes are a bit unrealistic. I used to wish for a Jaguar XJ6 but that never happened and… Continue reading