Over the Channel with Rosie – Featuring photographs of Rosemary Ward – part 1

  Having lived in Norfolk for my whole life I have, for around the last 20 years, harboured a dream that at some point I might be able to spend time discovering and… Continue reading

It’s all about being switched on

I have been called many things, but “switched on” has never been one of them. When we had boring lecturers at college or tedious sermons in church, I was capable of switching off… Continue reading

Photograph of the week Featuring the work of Photographer Simon Webster

Simon says “I have been interested in photography for a few years and have been experimenting with different genre to see what I enjoy shooting. Currently like portraiture and am starting a light… Continue reading

Odd bottles and bits of wood (Photos of the week)

That’s not a very imaginative title! But it’s been a busy old week round at our house. Quite a lot of time has been spent clearing out the garage so that a new… Continue reading

But it’s not even a photograph

I know, I know, but it is all constructed in Photoshop – I blame the Harris Museum in Preston.                     Last week, as ardent… Continue reading

Who would have thought it?

When you are looking for somewhere spectacular to photograph, the Lancashire town of Preston doesn’t immediately spring to mind. On Thursday I visited this part of Lancashire and was surprised to find some… Continue reading

If you go down to the woods today… (Pictures of the week)

Autumn colours this week were just too good to miss in Holt Country Park. But it has also been a week when I fancied having a little experiment or two – nothing too… Continue reading

Youth Regatta is Special

Someone did remark last week that there had been no blog yet on the Youth Regatta. That’s true, but the photographs are on the website and there have been a goodly number of… Continue reading

Down at the Forge

This week a cracking opportunity to see a blacksmith at work. Now I don’t know about you but for me blacksmiths were always big bulky red faced guys with sonorous voices arms and… Continue reading

Oh What a Lovely War

Thank goodness for the forties weekend on the North Norfolk coast. It reassures us that the summer is not quite over. It is a chance to celebrate something, a chance to dress up… Continue reading