Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once

That was my trouble – I didn’t and so when my photography “course leader” for course leader understand “teacher” said, “I would like to see your six favourite photographs and a self-portrait” I… Continue reading

Ely Revisited

                      I was very taken with Ely Cathedral when we visited it earlier this year. The only drawback on that trip was the… Continue reading

Wash Out

Well it nearly was that Tuesday afternoon. Full of enthusiasm and cake we drove to that west most point of Norfolk just above King’s Lynn where the land meets the Wash. A holy… Continue reading

Looking forward to looking back

Looking forward to looking back Once again Sheringham hit success with its 40s weekend. Over the past few years we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of people who flood into… Continue reading

They’re not as good as the real thing

That’s what my mother used to say – “They’re cheap imitations, probably made in …” that was it. It was a bit like a royal command or these days a trade embargo. So… Continue reading

Old Photographs and Great Grandpa

Back in the days when Queen Victoria reigned my great grandfather Doctor Barnabus Myerscough was fascinated by the newly invented photographic apparatus. It was a means of recording for posterity images of familiar… Continue reading

The ups and downs of life in Bridgnorth

I really only wanted an ice cream. We had driven into the town, parked and gone for a walk to see the River Severn. The question arose – where is the nearest ice… Continue reading

Flying Visits to Norfolk

It all started when I went to Titchwell one morning recently. The ever helpful warden pointed to the chalked up list of recent sightings. “Spoonbills!” he said knowingly.  “Where?” I asked. “Oh you’ll… Continue reading

Inside Looking Out

Taking pictures of boats is what I like doing – from the safety of a shore base, a pontoon or even sometimes a Dory. Last weekend I decided to try and find out… Continue reading

I like Bike

There was a day when towns used to dread the arrival of bikers. Police and shopkeepers alike did whatever they could to discourage them. And when the bikers had eaten their fish and… Continue reading