A bit like a dream

You know the sort of thing I mean. Suddenly in your sleep there are lots of people you recognise but they are not doing the things you expect them to be. And strange objects appear that seem out of place, but it all seems so real.

In this case – what is a lighthouse and a man playing a double base doing at dusk on the Norfolk Punt Club pontoon as evening draws in?  

There were lots of people one recognized but they were not racing as they normally do – they all had lights fitted to their boats and were preparing to drift around in the dark – Surreal!

Not really it was part of a project called Green Space Dark Skies. It is worth looking at their website. They invite people to act as “Lumenators” in order to experience their immediate environment in a new and exciting way. I think the whole thing will only really come together when they produce their complete video, which I gather will be filmed and recorded in 20 locations in the UK.

That is why, in this blog no attempt has been made to record or report the actual spectacular event on Barton Broad. My aim is to show some of the people who organised, some of the Lumenators and their boats, and lots of people from different walks of life who came to the Norfolk Punt Club pontoons to experience, enjoy and produce a light show on Wednesday evening this week.

Sorry if you were expecting to see the jolly patterns or hear the exciting music – for that you will have to wait for the team to complete their video.  (Apart from anything else I don’t possess a drone and no amount of jumping up and down would achieve the same result)

Some of the men and women in charge

So – be patient, have a good weekend and if you want to see more of my pictures from the rehearsal and the event go to my website – I think you can access about 100 pictures from the two evenings

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