Secret Places

It’s not very often that you find a bit of unspoiled countryside that isn’t crowded out with car parks, ice cream sellers and shops selling souvenirs, postcards, craft items and the inevitable cup of tea with home-made cake of course.

Bintree Mill though is a completely natural beauty spot, which is a bit off the beaten track (though not that much) and seems to retain its attractiveness without attempting to sell it.

The owner tells me that his family have lived there since the early 1900s. He is friendly, welcoming and happy for people to come along and enjoy the essential beauty of the valley.

I first visited the spot when the daffodils were in flower and the gentleman I met advised me to come back again later in the year when the meadow began to produce wild flowers.

Those of you who know me will readily understand that my awareness of when colourful wild flowers might bloom is a bit akin to my knowledge of when koala bears come into season and mate. Nevertheless as we had hit June I thought it was possibly a good time for a revisit to Bintree.

From the point of view of looking superb in the morning sunshine I think I hit the jackpot and I had no difficulty in finding the meadow where wild flowers grow – it was the one that made me sneeze from the grass pollens. Indeed there were wild flowers, but I gathered that another month needs to elapse before the place becomes a riot of colour.

So what you have this week could be described as an anticipatory blog (you don’t see many of those round here). Take a look at the pictures this week and see what’s on offer. Don’t forget to make a note in the diary – it’s the one hanging up in the kitchen next to the cooker – and as June turns to July head for Bintree Mill just below Fakenham in Norfolk and tell ‘em I sent you.

Enjoy the weekend