Pilgrimage to a Norfolk Village

If you have never visited the National Pilgrimage at Walsingham you ought to do so.

It is Anglo Catholicism at its most … er …spectacular.

The outfits (for outfits read vestments) are unbelievably lavish and the ceremonial almost out of this world! Perhaps that’s the effect incense can have.

“Exotic” – that’s the real word I was looking for.

But be in no doubt everyone there had a splendid time. The pilgrims were out to enjoy themselves and the general atmosphere could only be described as exceedingly jolly.

There were even fewer policemen in the village than I remember in the past, and for the first time in living memory the protestors almost faded away.

Protestors in 2022 – Ten years ago they were a bit more animated!

I don’t think it was just the fact that it was a sunny day – the drama (and it is a drama) was carried out with a sensitive good humour.

A real festival atmosphere to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the restoration of the shrine.

Well done Walsingham