Not normal for Norfolk

Driving along the A148 towards Kings Lynn, just through the village of Hillington, I was suddenly aware of great splashes of colour in a field to the south of the road.

They had to be tulips just like I used to see in Holland – rows and rows of them, with fascinating vibrant colours.

Investigation of the phenomenon revealed that the site was being watched over by a group of officials and volunteers who raise money for Tapping House a nearby Norfolk Hospice.

The tulips are grown by a local farming family who allow access to the fields by visitors for a two week period in the Spring.

The Norfolk Hospice is located in the village of Hillington, two and a half miles east of the tulip fields.

This is such an amazing spectacle. To give you some idea of the size of it all, the field covers 28 acres and they reckon there are 14 million tulip bulbs which were planted in October 2021.

I would love to encourage my readers to go along to see the fields but access is only by booking and during the brief two week period when they are open all the slots have now been filled.

Nevertheless you could of course enjoy the pictures here and make a donation anyway. Go to the website

Have a good weekend