Deer Me

I really don’t mind getting up early in a morning – and I am always ready to go on a photoshoot to see deer. But when those two eventualities happen together I find that hard.

That was what my good, friendly photographic manager suggested. 4.30am I set off to go to Holkham for first light. As you can see I made it; but he, or course was late. Not a good beginning.

Early morning shots from where I parked the car only reveal a somewhat disappointing sunrise. However it improved dramatically later on. Off we went in search of the deer. It turned out to be a massive trek (on foot of course) and we strayed a long way from the hall itself.

We could hear the deer – I was told the grunts and snorts came from them. I suggested the bark I heard came from the deer – but old know all boots said that would be a fox! I wouldn’t mind but he is a city dweller. So I got a lecture on urban foxes.

Eventually we saw groups of the deer. By this time, breakfast had been and gone and the deer were settling down for their elevenses and mid-morning siesta.

I also decided to lie down in the grass so that I wouldn’t distract them. I noticed that if I stood up, so did they!

But they would also promptly make off in the opposite direction. I tried lying very still, and so did they!

Unfortunately it was then that I realised that I hadn’t brought my tripod along. It was still residing in the car – so most pictures you will see of the deer have been taken either from the ground or with some sort of makeshift support. Hand-holding a 500+mm lens is not generally recommended, especially when the target is sitting in the shade of trees in what might be described as subdued lighting.

Nevertheless it was good to see them looking healthy and well cared for, even if each time I poked my head up to take a good look, they walked away.

Maybe next week’s subjects will come to me instead of vice versa.

Happy Easter.