Christmas Bonus

It makes a change from the Norwich lights – although I have to confess that it is a little more expensive than a bus ride in to the city. But once again the Cushing family at Thursford have come up with a light show that rivals any I have seen elsewhere.

You have to book in advance – but that is true of many things just at the moment. We selected to go at 7.15pm on a Sunday evening. Two reasons for that. First the massive Thursford Spectacular Christmas show had got under way at 7pm so the crowds had gone in and by 7.15pm most families with young children had returned home and were busy battling with bath time and bed.

We arrived a discreet 5 minutes early and were happily waved through by the stewards – timing was not an issue and while it is not true that we had the place to ourselves, it was sparsely populated. I didn’t take a tripod in with me but there was an obvious monopod sticking out of my sack. That created no interest whatsoever among the attendants – which surprised me – but even so space was never a problem and I was able to shoot away at the exhibits.

Quality of the displays both indoors and later out of doors was good. The indoor tableaus were lavish and magnificent – very impressive indeed – tricky to photograph because of the subdued lighting. The outside models were great. Despite the weather there was very little sign of damage and I only saw three that had failed to light up.

Value for money – I would say undoubtedly “yes” there was just so much of it – row after row of models all illuminated. A real treat.

Have a look at the website and judge for yourself.