It’s not what you see; it’s the way you look at it !

A visit to London – always exciting – even more so if you can fit in a visit to Tate Modern. Over the bridge you go and in to a world that never fails to stimulate the senses

But at times it drives me mad. We have one of these in our house. Not really considered to be a masterpiece – we use ours in the bathroom and call it a mirror. The exhibit at Tate Modern has a different title. It’s all about subjectivism – but to me it still looks like a mirror. Don’t you dare hiss Philistine at me.

This is an interesting idea but to my way of thinking it is too cluttered and the effect of the mirror image is lost.

Spectators themselves are part of my picture.

You can play with this next one for a long time to try and get it straight.

However I do go to other places apart from Tate Modern.

I enjoy the pictures in a number of galleries but it is always fun to notice how people look at works of art.

As I said it’s not what you see, it’s the way you look at things!

Thank goodness it’s the weekend.