Woodland wandering in Holt Country Park

This is the time of year when the colours in our country parks are stunning. Green leaves turn to brown and in the gentle breeze they float to the ground.

But in Holt Country Park you can do the colour thing while watching out for several other attractions.

This week we came across an unusually large number of mushrooms and toadstools – always attractive is the Fly Agaric (that’s the red one in the middle) great for photographers as long as they don’t try them in the frying pan. But as you can see there is quite a collection.

The ponies – seemingly unconcerned about visitors were anxious to pose for the camera. Great for a picture, but you don’t want to be in the way of one of them when they decide to go walk about. It seems to be a sudden decision and woe betides you if you get in their way.

There is a pond in the middle of the park and the bird life round that is quite interesting. Nevertheless they don’t seem to possess the need to pose for a photoshoot. That is unless you are prepared to climb the trees for a better look at them.

Once up the tree it’s fun to discover what birds see – so I have included a birds eye view and then a worms eye view.

I also like the wondrous statues carved in wood. Don’t forget to take your glasses – otherwise you could be discovered having a conversation with one of them. They are life-size plus.

So enjoy the colours before the rain comes.

Have a good weekend