Shoot and Pan – or Run!

When you get a rider who makes a motorbike jump like this it creates a reaction among the spectators.

Some look approvingly, or in my case enviously; others may wonder if it is wise.

More spectacular leaps on the bike tend to polarize reactions, from amazement to distrust or even disinterest.

Then of course the stakes really get going as the antics become even more daring.

I was once allowed to try a friend’s motorbike which seemed foolhardy to virtually everyone, in retrospect. The ride was spectacular, but a touch brief. I was shown how to accelerate but not how to ease the throttle back, so I just went round and round the field while things scrambled out of the way – ever seen a cow try to climb a tree? Thought not! Luckily there was a good strong hedge which sorted things out eventually. So as you may realize I have a great respect for these guys

From a photography point of view it’s good stuff and good for decision making – like knowing when to sit tight and shoot continuously and when to debunk and run.

(All images apart from the last were single shots in camera – no multiple images)