Slow, Slow – Quick Quick, Slow

Quite some time ago I produced some pictures, taken at Cromer, of the waves crashing over the pier.

These were much appreciated especially by those who didn’t get up early enough to see the winter storm for themselves.

A number of comments appeared on the Facebook page asking how wet we all got?!

Then I was asked “Can you take pictures of slow water though?”

The answer was “not sure really” It all depends on working with a filter one can’t see through (Big Stopper to the purists). So I had a go at Happisburgh and then at Sheringham last weekend.

Happisburgh had its challenges – like getting there for 6.30am. Rain rather spoilt the Sheringham shoot and I got water on the filter which did the pictures no good at all.

 Nevertheless, all in all – not too bad – and enough fun to have another go sometime soon.

Presupposing the obvious question  – “I get the slow slow bit in the title, but where does the quick quick come in?”

That was what we had to do when the sea unexpectedly  came rapidly across the sand and the tripod began to sink. It creates an interesting photographic effect, but not one I wanted. Camera, tripod and operator had to beat a hasty retreat.

See what I mean!