Enough to send you Dippy!?

This Diplodocus – dinosaur to you and me – affectionately known as “Dippy” has been residing in the nave of Norwich Cathedral since 13th July this year. Having said that I am not sure that affection is something that I would want to say about a dinosaur. This species lived between 154 -150 million years ago. They measured around 27 metres in length (88ft) and weighed in around 12 tons . You made sure it didn’t tread on your toe.

Although it is one of the largest dinosaurs it was not the heaviest. A Brachiosaurus is thought to have weighed around 30 tons and the Diplodocus was not as impressive as one might think. It had a very small brain and probably was not a fierce as we might suppose. For food it ate green things and especially plants and herbs. However I still think if I had ever found one running towards me, I would not have considered that I was being approached by a loveable friendly creature.

Dippy in Norwich Cathedral is made up of 292 bones or at least replica bones – for this is a copy!

I suppose you couldn’t have the original being put up and taken apart in several venues in the UK. The real Diplodocus resides in the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh USA. The original skeleton was found in Wyoming  in 1899.

How come I got some pictures of it? I went to a service in Norwich Cathedral last week and because it was such a large service it had to be held in the Nave and by an amazing coincidence, I happened to have my camera with me! Once the service was over I almost overstayed my welcome. Sadly I didn’t have my tripod so many of the pictures are a bit shaky because they were hand held and the light was not good. I couldn’t get the dinosaur to smile and I don’t think it liked cheese.

From a photography point of view it is difficult to get all of it in one shot, but at least, I suppose, it doesn’t stump around. No doubt about it the exhibition is worth a trip and is open until the end of October.

Back next week.