Beach Hut Development – or something

Ever since I published the blog about seaside life (August 12th) I find I keep getting asked questions about beach huts. How much do they cost to rent for a season? Do they really achieve that sort of price when one sells them?

Last week I came across a person who wanted to do some alterations to a beach hut.

What could he do with it? To be honest there isn’t very much one can do with a beach hut. Usually it is a basic size and a similar shape to all the others. One can paint it jolly colours, but only with approval by the council.

One can hang up a sign which shows its name, but one must not obliterate the number given to it by the beach authorities. -After that the options are rather limited.

A total restructuring would of course be out of order – unless it was all done in the mind.

So with the help of Photoshop I began to draw up some ideas.  

Alteration of the roof line.

A total reorganisation of the planks, doors and windows .

Then taking each element and doing something with it.

There is always the possibility that my designs might just let the rain in

The result could be exciting, depressing  or even mind blowing.

I have a strange feeling that my friend will not be adopting my suggestions. I wonder if he will secretly send them on to the local council.

My thanks to my photography group who were the inspiration for these shapes, and who, I hope will come and visit me in prison if I ever get round to building any of them. Thanks also to the tolerant bathers at Old Hunstanton who sat tight and said nothing while I clicked away happily in order to record my impressions of the beach huts.

The answer to everything

And to you, of course – jolly readers  – who put up with my ramblings.

Have a good weekend