What does go on at the 40s weekend

Despite all that technology the steam train is still a source of wonder

Jolly brave of the North Norfolk Railway even to entertain the idea of a 40s weekend this year. In general their safeguards seem to have worked. Trains were not too crowded and charging simply to gain access to the platforms (probably needed to boost the revenue) but it meant there wasn’t the massive crush that we have seen in previous years.

After all its a chance to try something out – or to try it out again.

Yes, I know you came to look at the trains – but possibly so too did Herr Flick! This year Herr Flick was not alone, he brought his back up with him

Thee are many reasons why people come to North Norfolk on these occasions. For some it is a festival, for others a chance to meet old friends. One chap seemed to be working himself up to a terrible confession …

Come on try and remember did you lock the house or not?

there were those who wanted to try a little dancing and other who had feet that were too sore for that sort of pastime.

I’ll leave you with this image of a poor man who clearly was wrestling with something that was stuck – unfortunately it isn’t clear what had happened and what the trouble was.