Secret Ambitions

I always had a secret ambition to take two photographs in Southwell. If you don’t know the Nottinghamshire town/city/village shame on you. (I have actually written two blogs from there in my time.)

Southwell really is somewhere between a large village and a small town just a little over 25 miles from Nottingham and about 8 miles from Newark – but it has a beautiful 11th century cathedral .

I am not going to plug the place any more than that – it is idyllic, but there again I don’t want busloads of tourists clogging the place up.

Many years ago I worked in the town and very frequently visited Southwell Minster (as it is called by the residents of the town). I have photographed the building from all sides and enjoy trying to capture the peaceful, almost mysterious atmosphere inside.

Two photographs eluded me.  The first is way out of sight on an inside parapet of the roof of the chapter house. There at sometime a stone mason has carved in stone a bird sitting on a nest. It is tucked away and is not visible from the ground. Eventually I managed to persuade someone to take me up on to the roof to photograph it. Sadly the carving has deteriorated very badly although you can just make out the shape of the bird and possibly even the nest beneath it.

The other picture I wanted to take was a panoramic view inside the chapter house.

The chapter house has some magnificent carvings of oak leaves. One or two of the capitals around the walls have other graphic images – two dogs attacking a hare and two pigs scoffing acorns.

Even so the ability to take a panoramic view never seemed to come out all right until last week. Now  Hey Presto – there we are a panoramic view of the circular building inside, with no sign of the photographer!

Simple aims – and just to celebrate I tried a picture of the roof of the nave!! Even I think it looks a bit different and I can’t work out where the green tinge has come from!

As long as it keeps someone happy.