What you’ve never been underground!?

Never mind about the Bakerloo  Line – we are talking caves or pot holes.

It’s a different world down there . No it isn’t claustrophobic. One just gets taken over by the magic of it all and the sense of adventure. It is strenuous and exhilarating both at the same time. I used to do it when I was a lad – and when I got in to teaching as well.

There is a whole world down there that you probably never knew existed.

I have been back to the Pennines and I hope some of my readers will enjoy a few images I shot at Stump Cross Caverns just above Harrogate and Pately Bridge.

The purists of course will poo poo Stump Cross Caverns. It has lighting and a walkway (the owners do lend you a hard hat in case you hit your head on the rocks) but the specimens of stalactites and stalagmites have names and they are illuminated in jolly colours. But even Stump Cross has a serious side to it. In 1963 a caver, Geoff Workman captured the world record for surviving alone underground for 105 days. I am not sure how long the record remained his, but 105 days alone and living in darkness was quite a feat.

Hope you enjoy the pictures – do visit the caves if you have an opportunity. I can recommend them.

However for friends, acquaintances and those who enjoy a smile at my expense, I have included a few pictures which date from the mid-1980s when I was on the caving staff at Sedbergh School. The names of the students pictured are no longer in my memory but I think they were on a year 9 caving experience day.

Have a good weekend – and if it rains remember It doesn’t rain underground and quite often it is warmer down there than it is on the surface! 

For any who wish to be reminded of the Geoff Workman venture in 1963 – check out this link to the Pathe Newsreel of the day.