Seaside Life

I fancied a wander round Cromer this week in the sunshine. We haven’t seen much sun – so, like lots of other people I thought I would make the most of it – in my case with a panel of impressions.

First off were the buckets and spades – just so colourful; and then I met this dog who looked as if he had read the notice which his owners clearly hadn’t, saying “No dogs on the beech!”

The third picture I would like to call “in memory of absent friends” I loved the hat perched on top of the windbreak.

Then I encountered this technological engineer from the servicing department. I suppose someone has to carry out the repairs or upgrades to the public telescope, which will allow you to see as far as the Beach Huts. These huts, by the way, are as popular as ever. I gather you can rent one at Cromer at the modest price of £200 – £260 per week in the season. But of course you are not allowed to sleep in it. However if you have a desire to own one at somewhere like Wells-next-the Sea that would set you back between £60,000 and £70.000.

Of course the promenade can be used for regular exercise and that costs nothing apart from sweat and toil, and in the sunshine there was plenty of that.

This year paddleboards seem to be in and deck chairs out. The lady, like me decided to walk past the temptation of an ice cream and at least one punter appeared to be very “in” to paddle boarding in rather a unique way.

Home again at the end of the day – have you ever noticed the way home always seems to be uphill? There was, I felt a grim determination of one departing family. Possibly not happy with the town’s facilities – either that or they took umbrage at the “No dogs on the beach” sign.

And finally, a long wistful last look back to the sea destroying that ever so lovingly built sand castle.

Now the observant of you may have noticed that there are thirteen pictures in my panel. “How unlucky” you may think. So for those of you with a superstitious nature I have inserted picture fourteen. That may have been a lucky find.