Amazing what you can see in Blakeney – or not see!

One of the things that sometimes irritates me is when you have been out on a photo shoot and as you pass another photographer going the same way he says “did you see the …” which of course you didn’t.

So what do you do in those circumstances? Grunt meaningfully? Tell him there are lots of them about? or tell a lie and say “sure!”

So I have put together a few of the shots I took on an evening shoot near Blakeney harbour in Norfolk earlier this week. Some of the photographs here are real, some of them I like to believe I saw and some of them I didn’t see. No doubt the speculation will now circulate about which is which!

For those of you who don’t know Blakeney – it is a gem of a place and the rise and fall of the tide in the cut near to the town will produce all sorts of different photo opportunities. At low water the brave paddle across the shallow channel to the mud on the opposite bank and take shots looking back towards the town, but as the tide comes in this procedure becomes a little more hazardous.

Boats turn and respond to the incoming tide and as the water continues to rise so too do the opportunities to see reflections from lights in the hotels and shops on the quayside.

Most photographers quickly tire of the town and head out to Blakeney point where birds and seals may be observed, but it’s a long walk and in the gloom I preferred to do battle with the mud (and there’s plenty of it) in the harbour and capture light of one sort or another.

Please don’t email me and ask “where did you take that shot?” because I probably won’t remember and anyway it may be one of the views I didn’t see!


Have a confusing weekend.