Wheel meet again

It was suggested that we took a stroll one evening into the park – sounds delightful I thought. Sniff the summer evening air – admire the flowers and maybe there’ll even be a band on a bandstand playing music.

That may be the way in some of Norwich’s parks – but not Easton Park. Easton Park was full of people all ­– doing things – doing sort of energetic things – a game of basketball, a fun run and an amazing pit through which skateboards, scooters and bikes zoomed at great speed.

But speed alone was not the ultimate aim.

Some of the young men and women rode their bikes and travelled on their skateboards with great skill – for example biking on one wheel, and occasionally on no wheels at all. It was much the same on skateboards – high speed travel, then a spell of sheer acrobatics before returning to the board, looking nonchalant as if nothing had happened.

“Do you fall off much?” I asked – “sometimes!” was all I got in reply. Clearly the issue bothered me more than it did them. I watched one young lady lose it as she returned to the start point, but she simply got up, dusted herself down and grinned broadly. Apparently just one of those things that happens!

What really impressed me was the way that I and other photographers never actually seemed to get in the way, no matter how near to the edge of the bowl we stood and however much we got in to the youngster’s line of fire. Maybe they realized, in the last resort, we might not be able to get up and run for safety.

We were made very welcome and it was only the failing light that meant that we chickened out first. The skateboard area is a terrific facility and greatly enjoyed by skateboarders and watching parents alike. Think I might be tempted to have a go next time, providing I could borrow several cushions and a rapid response team to get me to Accident and Emergency.