When the wind blows

Three up in a White Boat like this means its windy!

Sailors need a very narrow band of weather. Too little wind and they are becalmed – too much wind and they could break a mast or lose a sail.

The strength of the wind creates much discussion and not a small amount of tension.

Thinking it through

Nevertheless there are those who relish the blustery conditions – like photographers and some Officers of the Day.

You wouldn’t think it was that windy!

But for others it causes consternation both before they set sail and afterwards.

I sometimes think that most of those taking part in windy weather sailing are more concerned for the safety of the boat than they are about themselves. All are required to wear buoyancy aids and there are safety boats in attendance, filled with club members who not only know when it is necessary to pluck a competitor out of the water for his or her own good, but also have a pretty good idea about what to do about the capsized boat itself. The Broads are not very deep and one of the great problems is that the tall masts can get stuck in the mud and can take some extracting.

All’s well
that ends ….

One thing for certain – the youngsters love it

Most of the time

However – enjoy the expressions on the faces and the skill of those taking part.

Have a good weekend and here’s hoping for some better weather. (It is the cameras I am concerned for not really myself!)

We could not leave this one out