Air Mail

When is a post-box not a post-box?

When it is full of birds!

A bird’s nest seems to have been built in a rather remote post-box outside the village of Bodham in North Norfolk.

Not really a difficulty although the box has to be closed because wild birds are protected. The appearance of the closure notice has caused a good deal of interest though and quite a lot of speculation about which birds are in occupation.

There is a very dominant Robin, who acts a mixture of site foreman and flying operations manager. He keeps an eye on all comers and does his best to show off for photographers on every occasion. But does he have squatters’ rights?

Next in turn are the Blue Tits. They are also very much in evidence and in order to spread a little confusion, and possibly some consternation, they delight in landing on the red box and occasionally peep inside to ensure all is well.

The real occupants who usually arrive and depart through the slot at great speed are in fact Great Tits. They seem to be the only ones who take in the green caterpillars, which are a source of moisture for the young birds and depart bearing the faecal sacks – which can’t be a pleasant task even for a Great Tit.

Problem? – not really those living locally don’t seem to mind trotting an extra half mile to the next box to post letters. It creates a topic of interest for passing walkers, one of whom has been seen placing her ear against the side of the box to listen for chirping – it takes all sorts – (I was asked not to publish that photo). Even Toby, the regular postman, reckons the birds are better than a swarm of bees. So everyone is happy – including the Robin.  

Robin having a better day!