The Rebel

I’ve lost count of the number of photography teachers who say to their students. “Your homework for the coming holiday is to complete the following four tasks.” That sounds reasonable doesn’t it so far, but then they add, “but if you don’t have the time to do any of those… “

Mistake, mistake, mistake!

To a born rebel like me it is a licence to get involved in all sorts of mischief.  I can already detect my one loyal reader of the blog nodding very hard in agreement.

OK what am I supposed to be doing?

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Impressionist style pictures taking due regard of amazing photographers like Glenys Garnett, Andrew Gray, Michael Kenna. This is what my homework is supposed to look like

Instead I am rapidly going off the rails and having a ball with a bunch of moths.

Now that lockdown is easing and people can meet in open spaces – a couple of friends dropped in for lunch.

I suspect I could finish up showing that shielding is on the way out.

Have a good Easter