Life will never be the same

I keep hearing this when people talk about what will happen after lockdown. But life is never the same – not from one year to the next – not from one month to the next – not from one day to the next .

Life is constantly changing. We just tend to notice it more when there has been a sort of interruption to “normal life” whatever that is.

People change – fashions change and as Brits oh how we love to look back.

The way we reminisce, the way we trot out our parent’s sayings and hate change. It’s why Dad’s Army is so popular on television and why Fawlty Towers currently appears on BBC1.

But few events, in the area where I live, are as popular as 1940s weekends. People don’t come to ride on the trains or dig holes on the beach, they like to dress up as their grandparents did – the girls with highly coloured skirts (and hair); the men sporting collars, ties and caps, look so strange in their baggy trousers and multi-coloured shoes.

It’s a puzzle to me – if one is six or seven months out of fashion with one’s clothes, the younger generation have been known to walk on the opposite side of the street from their parents. “You’re not seriously going out in that!?” But if the clothes are 80 – 100 years out of date  that will cause no offence  and both parents and teens are seen to strut – (sorry but there is no other word for it) strut down the middle of the street for all to admire their outrageous attire.  


I suspect when this is all over we will all emerge as different people. Maybe we will be kinder, more thoughtful, more aware of others. And no doubt in time we shall enjoy looking back to the days  when we said such obvious truisms as “Life will never be the same”

And I for one will add “Thank goodness.”