Don’t you find time flies?

This week – not so much chat –  just  a bit about the clocks in my life.

I never realized how many clocks we have in the house – and I mean clocks not watches

In a morning I have difficulty waking up and focusing on reality

My wife looks at the clock several ways before emerging

We line up our tasks for the day but here again we find time just zips away.

textures for background use in photoshop

The trouble is that there can be no putting the clock back (this used to be referred to as my philosopher’s clock, but that’s a story for another day – students of Plato hold your tongues)

If it all gets too much there can be time spent in the garden

But everywhere you look there’s a clock.

Even when we go shopping the clocks in the town craftily stare at us.

What did Zebedee say?   “Time for bed!”