Anyone for a spin in the woods?

I have to say this was not my idea in the first place. Someone suggested that the blog ought (from time to time) to reflect other photographic work that I should be doing.

The truth of the matter is that during the lockdown one is only supposed to go outside for one for one session of exercise – and the excursion must be for exercise and not for the taking of photographs  or any other unauthorized action.  This means of course that it is becoming quite difficult for me to complete my homework – yes I still get some – and find inspiration for the blog each Friday.

During half term my fellow photography students are all charged with trying out Intentional  C


Movement – what has in the past been known as jiggly pictures!

I don’t feel this is something I particularly need to practice – it is  a skill with which I was born. When I was given my first camera at the age of 10 (it was a Kodak Brownie 127 – you were right…there are those who think I would have done better sticking to it!) however when my first 8 pictures came back from the chemists they all had stickers on them which said things like “Holding the camera steady will mean that your photographs won’t be blurred.” Little did those foolish people know that I was simply demonstrating my skills with Intentional Camera Movement..

Now of course I have lost the touch – and it is all their fault. So I have to practise.

All of this means that once the deep snow had gone I could go for exercise in the local wood with my 2 tons of camera equipment. “Essential fitness training officer!” is what one has to say to these Covid Marshalls.

For the purists among you (I flatter myself that any purists would ever look at this site!) these photographs have all been produced in camera. Photoshop has only been used to lighten or darken them with some cropping. (If you are going to look impressed now is the moment to do so … No?

Ah well – have a good weekend and hold your camera steady.