Just Snowdrops

As most of my regular readers will know, I am not good on identifying plants. Nevertheless I tend to mark the year by the flowers I see growing and especially those growing in the hedgerows. I know once January is on the way out and February is looming that before long the small white buds and slender green leaves of snowdrops will start to appear in the countryside around me.

Over the years I have taken a number of shots of snowdrops – some of the ones you will see here have appeared before. Amazing what can be achieved with a light tent and a water spray!

Even so I suspect other photographers will sympathize because snowdrops are very difficult to capture. They are so light that even the slightest wind will move them. Quite often they are in dark places. Sadly long camera exposures and gentle movement don’t really go together.

That’s my excuse anyway for some pretty useless pictures I have taken over the years.

Some pictures here were taken a few years ago by the kindness of John and Judy Mc-Neil Wilson of Chestnut Farm, West Beckham in North Norfolk. Their garden contains an amazing display of snowdrops each year. It is much visited and greatly appreciated.

This week I have added a few more shots to my collection of photographs using the snowdrops in our garden at home. I think it is the only time recently that I have had an opportunity to see snowdrops peeping out of the snow – white on white – not a good combination; but with a name like “snowdrop” it was an opportunity not to be missed.

It’s a very serious article today – never mind the usual trivia is bound to return next Friday

Have a good weekend.