Before you put us away

I always feel rather sad when the day comes to take down the Christmas tree and to pack up all the glitzy baubles for another year. Most of all I am sorry to see the nativity scenes stuffed into their ever more tatty cardboard boxes.

Perhaps it is because our family has collected a number of very different stable scenes over the years that I lament their disappearance. Once upon a time I used to complain about the unreality or the romantic depictions of the event and I still bridle at the appearance of robins on Christmas cards and the notion that Bethlehem that year was covered in snow!

The shell is from Santiago de Compostela The Olive Wood is from Israel The star – unknown

What I have come to realize (it’s an age thing dear) is that these artistic creations tells us much more about the countries or nationalities or groups from which they come. I will merely indicate where I thinks each originated (please let me know if I am mistaken one or two of the labels have now worn off!)

But most of all enjoy the colour and inventiveness of their creators and the way they celebrated the nativity and epiphany.

Very aged but greatly appreciated from Nigeria

If anyone wishes to send me photographs of their special nativity scenes, I will be happy to include them in a follow-up.

Have a pleasant weekend.