Now you see me – Now you don’t!

Boxing Day in Cromer – always a good occasion. Lots of people gather together in the late morning and go for a dip in the sea. Crowds come from miles around to view the spectacle.

This year Boxing Day dawned and still feeling very full of Christmas pud, I decided to take a stroll along the Prom to see how many would be braving the waves this year!

The town was deserted – not unusual I thought, but it was a bit eerie –there was no one at all. Not disheartened I felt that some of my fellow humans might be indulging in a form of exercise that involved undressing, running across the beech and plunging into the briny.

Nothing – no one!

So this week I am indulging in a split memory phenomenon.

With pictures from the past 2015 – 2018 and how it looked last Saturday.

There was even small memorial to the past.

The only unusual spectator was a Peregrine Falcon who was also out looking for a bit of action, which I suspect he was hoping to eat – takeaways are allowed.

Things did ease a bit towards midday – a crowd! and I discovered Cromer’s technique for keeping numbers down.

Heavens a crowd!

So on this advent of 2021 – a happier new year to you all.