Shapes Lines and Squiggles!

I have been asked not to make up titles like this because it belittles the world of abstract art. For me though abstract art is fun- to see and develop shapes and then turn them round again just for the hell of it. So why not give it a fun title?

What have we got?

Quilts. These are not my design (nor indeed my needlework) but I am totally blown away with the shapes and colours that these creators have made and I have tried to photograph them in a way which is original and trying to see them not as flat pieces of work. I always think it is such a shame to imprison these creations on a bed. They are such dynamic pieces of art.

Some time ago I visited an antique centre. A few of the artefacts looked as if they had been grabbed from a house sale but others had such terrific shapes and lines. Putting several together also, I felt enhanced their impact. (You are allowed to disagree and blow raspberries!)

There’s a saying about fun, or the lack of it and watching paint dry. I found this door where not only was the paint dry, but it had even got round to flaking off. And guess what I thought that looked fun.

“Dashing lights” – I know you’ve seen it before, but I like it!

Years ago I visited an exhibition of photographs by Walead Beshty (look him up dear) and I was blown away by some of his work. It was just so different. So as a final contribution to my shapes, lines and squiggles I will offer you two bits of work to pay my respects to Beshty.  

You can tell it’s holiday time can’t you.

I promise real pictures next week.

Have a good weekend.