Whooshy Pictures

It’s all part of the revolution folks.  Outside the old comfort zone and all that sort of thing.

I saw an article in Amateur Photographer – bet they won’t pay me for that plug – about a gentleman who produced all sorts of images which might be referred to as Intentional Camera Movement and I thought his work was very good. Encouraged by the article I decided this week to have a go.

Let’s just be straight about this. ICM is in no way a new venture for me. When I was 11 years old with my new camera (A Brownie 127 of course) I produced reel after reel of pictures with intentional camera movement. The problem was that no one recognised my talent in the art. In fact the local chemist, who developed and printed my films, used to send the pictures back with little stickers on them advising me “how to take better photographs.”

I thought my efforts were much more colourful, but my father, who invariably stumped up the 3 shillings and 6 pence for the film processing, urged me to be more careful. So with a heavy heart I complied.

Some years later when I was at university I took quite a lot of pictures at one of the end of term balls. It was a grand affair with tons of drink and food and drink. When I developed those pictures, quite unintentionally I had obviously reverted to my earlier practice of taking pictures with intentional camera movement. However my friends said they were just blurry and out of focus.

No amount of explanation seemed to convince them of anything else.

When after my retirement I had time to take up photography again, my guru introduced me to the idea of Intentional Camera Movement. I laughed and dashed a few off for him – and he claimed that I wasn’t doing it properly! Would you believe it?

Vanity of vanities – all is vanity

And there is nothing new under the sun

But this also is vanity and a seeking after wind!

There we are then some new pictures this week and four old ones including two of my favourites taken on the water.