Being Unusual

I’m all for being a bit unusual. Much to be preferred than being normal!

That can certainly be said of the subject of my pictures this week. Binham Priory is indeed a bit unusual .

While it is unmistakably a church, it looks more like a bit of a church and that indeed is what it is. The original priory was built in 1091 and was far more extensive than the present structure. If you look around, the remains of a sizeable priory may be seen to the east. But even this building was unusual. For one thing it never really flourished – at its height there were only ever 14 brothers and by the time of its demolition at the English Reformation in 1539 the community had shrunk to 6.

Most of the Priors of Binham were what my mother would have called “scallywags”. They used the income from surrounding lands for all sorts of hair-brained schemes. I like to think that was unusual.

Once the monks had been sent packing, demolition of the site began, but as the masonry came tumbling down sadly one of the workmen was killed. This was believed to be a bad omen and no further destruction took place. What remained standing is what we see today – the west end of what had been the nave of the priory. This now serves as a parish church for the village of Binham.

For those of you with a photographic interest, there are only a few ecclesiastical artefacts worthy of a picture inside. Nevertheless a visit there on a sunny day can be quite rewarding. The clear glass windows in the south wall allow the sun to cast wonderful shadows on the floor and across the seats.

Unusual views? – I recommend shooting from underneath the funeral carriage – but focusing can be a bit of a problem from there.

Pew ends (as you can see) are well worn and may need a little post processing to look smashing. Much the same can be said for the pedals of the organ.

Even so Binham is worth a visit – whether you travel to it as a place of worship, or to see the remains of a historical monument, or you go to it as somewhere to capture interesting images.

See – it kept me out of mischief for an hour or so!

Perhaps that’s what makes me unusual!

Have a good weekend.   Below is an unusual view of the roof